I don't know, i just happen to REALLY like Dylan O'brien.
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    i completely forgot that you actually have to pay for internet

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    001. Toxic | Melanie Martinez

    I took a sip from a devil’s cup
    It’s taking over me 


    I want to do so much witchcraft to this 

    when the chorus hits tho

    I listen to this like 5 times every time it comes up on my dash.

    So I guess I have to reblog.

    This is some American Horror Story shit

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  • This is amazing…

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  • Who Am I to Stand in Your Way (W/ Lyrics) @cheste…:

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    does it ever kill you when you make conversation with the person youve been looking forward to talking to the entire day and they just kinda brush you off

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  • NOpe tHis iS too Much

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    be nice to people because the world is a shitty place and we all need a little help sometimes

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    how do i get over someone who i never dated

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